1980: Peter Hohl works at his first computer "BITSY"
1980: Peter Hohl works at his first computer "BITSY"


The beginning of SecuMedia Verlag was a previously unused room in an old wine-grower’s house in Ingelheim, where Peter Hohl ran his private publishing enterprise.
For 12 years Peter Hohl had sifted through over 1,000 police files for the forefather of “reality TV”, Eduard Zimmermann, and written over 200 screenplays for a German TV series, “Aktenzeichen XY”, similar to Crimewatch.
As a result he became known to millions of the public not only as the case investigator who prepared summary information on the wanted persons for the viewers, but he was also an important partner for a number of security experts from the police, government ministries and business, who joined him in preparing cases on people who had so far evaded capture and unknown perpetrators of crimes.
Effectively the groundwork had thus been laid for other media activities in the area of security, and especially for the present WIK journal and the SecuMedia publishing house.


December 1979
Peter Hohl starts self-publishing ”Expertenbrief Wirtschaftskriminalität” [“Expert letter on business crime”] the forerunner of the later WIK journal.

Publication of the book, “99 gangster tricks and how to protect oneself against them”. This provides an insight into the extensive area of security engineering, warns against fraud, offers tips and is the first technical book to have been published by the publishing house.

Mid-1980s onwards
Development of a series of technical books with works on the subjects of shoplifting and industrial espionage.

In 1984 the first Security Yearbook, a compendium valued to this day by companies and government agencies alike, appears with the collaboration of Swiss partner Daniel Beer.

Also published are two volumes of poetry which constitute the basis for the literary section of the publishing house which today runs in parallel to the technical book section.

The journal assumes the title of WIK, at this stage still with the sub-title of “Business crime – information and warning”. The main focus is on the many different sides of business crime.

The Journal for “Communication and EDP Security” (KES) is also founded in 1985. The first <kes> security study is carried out. Since then the results of this survey conducted every two years have generated important insights into the IT security market.

Starting in 1987 the editorial team of WIK is expanded to three for additional input: as well as Peter Hohl, Dr. Erwin Zimmerli from Switzerland and Ute Zimmer, a volunteer, now contribute practical material that will help to make WIK an important feature in the security landscape.

From 1990
Together with partners of many years’ standing from Switzerland, among them Daniel Beer, the “Peter Hohl Verlag” is transformed into “SecuMedia Verlags-GmbH” through mutual participations both in Switzerland and in Germany.

The first WIK security study, a survey of security experts in company security and security services which since then has been conducted every two years, is introduced.

Horst Schärges, a qualified journalist with a business degree, takes over editorial responsibility of WIK on 1 January 1991.
In August 1991, the Working Group on Security in Business (ASW) and the regional Associations on Security in Business (VSW) decide to make WIK their trade organ.

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) chooses <kes>, with its newly founded “BSI Forum”, as its own official organ. Since then this partnership has seen the publication of a number of books and studies for the BSI.

In 1993 the publishing house launches a compact newsletter, “WIK security letter”, in two versions, one intended for “mechanics” and the other for installers of intrusion detection equipment.

In collaboration with the ASW, the publishing house develops teaching materials for the Associations for Security in Business (VSW). Since then, the “ASW-Leitfaden Unternehmenssicherheit” [“ASW guidelines on company security”], of which there have now been eight editions, have produced examination-relevant content for security guards taking examinations set by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (since 2006, with revised teaching content for CIC-examined security guards and security staff).

The two “WIK security letters” are merged into a single, joint, expanded magazine title.

Peter Hohl’s first book of maxims appears in a series of aphoristic weekly quotations: “Better an optimist who is wrong than a pessimist who is always right”.

SecuMedia Verlag organises a show devoted to the subject of IT security, the “IT-SecurityArea”, for Messe München for the first time in the autumn of 1999. With 900m² of floorspace and 32 exhibitors, SecuMedia Verlag launches a successful project at the SYSTEMS IT trade fair. Since then, the IT-SecurityArea (it-sa) has expanded to an entire hall of 11,000 m², with over 300 exhibitors. 2009  the SYSTEMS had closed down and it-sa has become an independent trade fair.

The “Sicherheits-markt” title is purchased from the Rohn publishing house Cologne.

Amalgamation of WIK with “Sicherheits-markt” into a single journal title. Since then there has also been a weekly newsletter containing up-to-date information for subscribers.

A series for the examination of competence in the security guard services sector is founded jointly with the ASW at the turn of the year.

Cooperative venture with the Vieweg Verlag. SecuMedia and <kes> produce the “Edition <kes>” for publication by the Vieweg Verlag – a series of books examining IT security issues in-depth for the professional user.

The book “KinderAugenBlicke” [“View through children’s eyes”] is published in collaboration with the German Child Welfare Association. 10% of the proceeds from the sale of this and the follow-up series go to the GCWA.

SecuMedia Verlag organises an “IT Security Theme Park” to accompany the SECURITY trade fair, in Hall 4, with two open presentation forums.

This year’s it-sa achieves the highest yet exhibitor participation: 344 participants contribute towards the success of the event at SYSTEMS in Munich.
The publishing house organises a second, small “IT Security Theme Park” at the MODERN STATE trade fair in Berlin with a two-day lecture programme.

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