Guiding principles of SecuMedia Verlags-GmbH

1.    Security is one of the basic human needs. SecuMedia, the publishing house specialising in security information, is contributing positively towards a secure world.

2.    SecuMedia GmbH is a media company which supplies defined target groups with information that is important to them and at the same time facilitates access to these target groups for interested partners. This objective is pursued down all promising avenues and through all suitable media, for example, books, journals, data media, online offerings, events and services.

3.    We provide outstanding quality and service in all our fields of activity.

4.    In addition to the need to operate at a profit, we attach great importance to making people feel comfortable: in our dealings with customers and suppliers, staff and cooperation partners, government agencies and neighbours, we conduct ourselves in a fair, serious, honest and friendly manner. We are open to the goals, wishes and needs of our partners. Their esteem is our most important success.

5.    With us, no customer has to haggle to get the best possible price. Our prices are shown in our price list and are set at exactly the level needed to provide our customers with a service that is worth more than the price we charge them. No one individual need fear being charged more than another person who happens to be a better negotiator.

6.    Despite having grown in size, the company has retained its flexibility - with flat hierarchies, flexible decisions, rapid implementation and the willingness to adopt unorthodox solutions. Our staff are entrepreneurs in the best sense of the word who are not afraid to accept a lot of responsibility. Their purpose is to serve directly the interests of our customers.

The publishing house was founded in 1980 by publicist Peter Hohl and became a limited company in 1990. The company and the partnership under the Civil Code which owns the publishing house building are jointly owned by the family of the founder and the staff and partners of the company.

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