Security for providers and users

Security und Corporate Security

SecuMedia Verlag provides information on the subject of security to both users and providers of security solutions. Security managers and service providers can obtain from us background information for their practical work and support with their strategic decisions.
In the publications area, the WIK journal, technical books and training materials provide exclusive information on every facet of the subject of security. WIK has been the official organ of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft für die Sicherheit der Wirtschaft (Working Group on Security in Business, ASW) since 1991. In collaboration with the ASW, SecuMedia Verlag has been publishing constantly updated training material for security staff since 1995.

For further information on WIK, see: ; english version of our mediakit

The widely known "Sicherheits-Jahrbuch [Security Yearbook] is a reference work for the German-language security industry which has been published for 20 years.

security-forum 06
security-forum 06

In the SECURITY Congress and the SECURITY lecture forums you will find a platform for the exchange of knowledge with specialists and colleagues.
On the programme pages of the SECURITY Forums over 160 presentations in the form of video streams with handout files are available for download up to the next SECURITY trade fair in Essen.

The central calendar for the security industry , also available free of charge, is a compilation of the main seminar, trade fair and congress dates of over 500 event organisers.

Zeitschrift WIK